Live in Love

{Beautiful song “…It’s my joy to love, it’s my joy to obey. You can have all my heart…” by Sarah Edwards}

Love. God is love. We say it so easily, and yet, do we even know what we’re saying?  God created us with a great, deep need and passion to be loved and to love. Why? Because He Himself is love. So He created us with a vacuum, an empty space. That’s why my heart is constantly unsatisfied, constantly screaming for more, more what? More of Jesus, more of Him, closer to Him; it’s the gift of the need, the beauty of weakness. I need Jesus, I need God and I know it. My heart longs for a nearness and intimacy that only God can fulfill. The deepest, truest, most excruciating need within me is for HIM. The craving of my heart is for JESUS. The cry of thirst from my soul is for the living God, and the highest demonstration of true love eternal is the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, because He loved the world, because of love.

What dictates my thinking? What motivates my behavior? What drives my actions? Love does. Love for myself when I let my flesh drag me into selfishness, love for others when I attempt the difficult, dying to myself to bless those around me and love for God when I attempt the “impossible” and take my cross daily, striving to let His Holy Spirit take over control in my life. It’s love! Love is the reason, the cause, the goal, the beginning and the end. Then how to live? Live in love. In love with God, letting His holiness and beauty drown all doubt, fear and worry. Living in love with the initiator of this wonderful love story we’ve been caught in by His love, mercy and grace. To live in the love relationship in which we were created to thrive, to experience the fullness of an all consuming love. Love is more than an emotion, more than a passion, a feeling or a conviction. Love is a Person. Jesus is love. God is love.

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
~1 John 4:8

So beloved, dare to love; Decide to fall in love with the Bridegroom of the Church, the Desire of Nations, the King, Ruler, Father and Judge. He is ready and eager to pour out His love on your heart. Just say “yes”.  The more we know Him personally, the more we fall in love with Him. We love Him more as we discover the magnitude of His love toward His children, we fall in love with God as a natural response when we chose to realize and believe that Love has loved us first, and we let that truth consume our minds and ignite our hearts.

Live in Love, abide in Jesus.

There’s a book a really like about truly loving Jesus with that passion and longing He himslef has for us, His bride, the Church. {Mourning for the Bridegroom}

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5 thoughts on “Live in Love

  1. Well put Marian, you made me think. Dare to fall in love with God or wander seeking, chasing the inconsequential!

    1. The hardest and the easiest =) How can we not love someone SO beautiful and lovable, how can we resist falling in love with Him?
      but you’re right. it takes dying. that is hard
      but oh SO worth it!! =D =D =D

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