365 – Day 43

This is my sister. We met just last year in Singapore. She is Chinese and I’m Mexican. She doesn’t speak Spanish, I don’t speak Chinese. We have different color, background, and upbringing. But we’re family.
After she told me a little about her past, we concluded that from that day on we would be sisters.

It’s so beautiful and fascinating that as children of God we are family and best of friends with many we have never seen before; we continue to meet more and more siblings throughout our lives. It is very exciting!
Thank you Father for allowing me to run along side Your sons and daughters living on the other side of the world.


One thought on “365 – Day 43

  1. Dear Marian, my dear mei mei!!! How privilege and hornor I am to appear in your blog!!! Indeed, God is Amazing, how He brought us together here in Singapore! You are right, we are so different in terms of culture, skin colour, family background! But by God’s amazing grace, He let us meet and become sisters! I LOVE YOU, Marian! You always touch my heart and inspire me, I will always remember that I have a home in Mexico, a family in Mexico!!! I am looking forward to see you and visit you in a or two years!!! Wo Ai Ni, Marian!! Thank you, dear Marian!!!

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