Río Bravo Missions Trip 2

PLYcQhTb0HQZZOvQbQHK7-jQvPFqmUt38luEe7CfeHk(Even the parents came to hear the greatest story told!)

As the days passed by, we continued to see the children becoming more eager to hear the stories. One week is a very short time though, and only eternity will tell what really happened in each and everyone of these precious souls.


One day, one of the boys came up to me and started asking questions about his eternity, life, death and heaven. Just when I was about to explain to him how he could repent and pray wherever and whenever he was ready, they needed me to start translating again.  I had to make a choice. This might have been the moment appointed for this boy’s salvation. I could let someone else translate (I was not the only bilingual person there thankfully), but what would they think? They could not hear me or understand what I was saying to know what was happening, what if the missionaries thought I was slacking in my responsibility to interpret for them? I chose to follow what I believed was God’s will for me at that moment, not only did the boy pray and teary-eyed thanked me for taking the time to talk with him, but I was reminded of the vital and defining decision we face every day to follow God’s lead despite what we believe others would have us do or not do.


Conozcámos a Cristo

(“Knowing Christ”)

Now that the trip has ended and looking back I am deeply grateful to have served God as a communication tool, a channel for His message to reach those who would have otherwise never hear it (at least not from my American brothers and sisters.) I look forward to being used my Him in this way in the future, as He uses these experiences to mold me and prepare me for further opportunities and adventures : ) Compassion fills my heart and conviction threatens to overwhelm my mind as I think about all that still needs to be done. I think one of the most impacting lessons I have learned and the one that I am certain, will affect my future decisions, is the realization that individuals alone with particular and separate ideals cannot bring about change. Up to this experience, I was under certain erroneous ideas such as, “that if only the government would act!”, or “if only the people in this neighborhood would come together to do something about this!” But now, I have come to realize that true change cannot happen apart from a genuine transformation from within, personal yes, but one that will bring us together to make a difference in community, driven inwardly by virtue, and (why not say it?) the pursuit of holiness and brotherly love. May the Lord help us all.

Praising the Lord and rejoicing in His will,



(One of the eight VBS that week)

2 thoughts on “Río Bravo Missions Trip 2

  1. I wonder if there was any conflict or something between the team members. Was it your first mission trip? What was the biggest challenge you experienced if any?

  2. Knowing the team members played a crucial role in successfully working together for the benefit of the people we were serving. I honestly did not sense friction as we worked together. Us translators, have known each other for many years now which was very helpful.
    I think it would have been better for us to have debriefing time. It would have been very edifying in my opinion, to share about what each team had been learning and experiencing.

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