tomatoSomeday I will learn how to cook…Someday I will love making meals…
There’s something about spending hours preparing food. Maybe because I don’t do it often enough, for me, it always goes one of two ways: I end up a little frustrated because there are so many dished to wash and a kitchen to clean and the food that took so long to prepare, has been in two bites devoured. Or! I feel really happy and fulfilled. Satisfaction written all across my face; my family has just eaten a yummy meal. Dear God! Help me always travel trip B. I am sure there are many more meals to prepare in my life. yay….”Oh common say it like you mean it!” -commands my soul. Ok, YAY!!!! : D


2 thoughts on “Meals

  1. Awesome picture, girl! And I totally know what you mean about making food….I always travel trip A or B as well. ;) Someday…let’s make an incredibly delicious meal TOGETHER!!! And we’ll photograph it…we could make something that we have never ever made before! It’ll be an adventure! ;)

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