Photos for DIF 1


Working at the governmental office has been amazing. I am learning so much.

Cables, cards, screens. So many photos, endless editing, can the weather be warmer? Ah! it’s stuffy in here, thank God for water!  I am so grateful for the incredible opportunity to serve and learn.

I have been taking many stock photographs for the DIF [Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, or Family Integral Development] to be able to use in their wide variety of publications.  For magazines and brochures, reports and articles. Going from center to center, I was able to capture the faces behind this great organization.

Most of my time was spent creating informative and creative images for this purpose. The subject of the pictures being: children, the elderly and the physically disabled, those who are the most vulnerable in society. I had never worked at a governmental office, it was so enlightening. I have learned that there is so much more that we civilians can do to help our government. I found out that the government is actually  made up of normal people like me. Inspiration will follow me when I finish this experience, to at least follow what the DIF is doing, to pray for them, and if possible, continue to be involved. I realize I am sometimes too shy to take initiative in doing things. It is so valuable to be alert and do things even without being asked, I have resolved to take action upon this matter and start seeking ways to be more creative in my contribution at the work place.

Working so closely with the least fortunate has kindled my love and desire to work for social justice. I am now keenly aware of the horrible conditions of many children in my city. And to think I was so blissfully ignorant of such overwhelming problems, makes me sick. May God have mercy upon us sinners! That having received His grace and salvation for free; many of us have, in an alarming  manner, now become accustomed to the ease of the western Christian life. Thus, neglecting to take care of our brethren; of the hurting and hungry, of the scared and dying.

I am looking forward to learning more about this mational organization.

One thought on “Photos for DIF 1

  1. I worked before at one of the organizations under the ministry of foreign affairs in South Korea. There was some “coolness” in working in a government org, but I had to acknowledge that there was inefficiency in its system such as too much paperwork, bureaucratic process and slowness in innovation. After that, I decided not to work for a government body unless I’m in the high position to influence people. However, it is so neat that you were able to experience some of a government body at such a young age. Yes, I agree that the government is formed by ordinary people like you and me and we need to more engage in it as a citizen. I wonder what were the new problems you got to identify in your community. :-)

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