Yesterday I had the privilege of taking photographs for a special conference. It was held at the Hospicio Cabañas, a beautiful former orphanage. The speaker was the vice-president of Ecuador. He brought his own press and security, it was pretty impressive! He spoke over a very interesting subject: Disabilities.  His repeated line and chosen theme for the conference was “Disability is not Incapability.”

hospicio cabañas{Hospicio Cabañas}

The core message of the conference was to choose happiness, to laugh! He encouraged his listeners to set for themselves good moral values and think about others. But without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the transforming grace the Father imparts, how will this ever happen? How will true change and genuine love impact our society? His ideas about helping others, although truly admirable and carefully backed with statistics that proved his methods, lacked the essential ingredient of the fear of the Lord and the passionate pursuit of holiness that springs forth from the soul saved by the cross, washed in the blood. This realization brought pain to my heart and heaviness to my soul until our merciful Savior convicted me:

“They are seeking justice, are you?”


{Vice-president of Ecuador: Lenín Voltaire Moreno Garcés}

It is just for the disabled to have specialized care and custom made facilitations. It is just for everyone to look out for others’ needs. To think about each other’s well being and interests. As far as it may be of the Biblical principles, this kind man is still, in his own way, seeking justice.
I was reminded of God’s sovereignty in using us in spite of ourselves. He does not need us to bring about justice, yet He chooses to do just that. What a privilege! To be counted worthy of being used as “instruments of righteousness” (Romans 6:13). What is even more amazing and beyond my comprehension is that as we do to people, we do unto Jesus Himself! How dare I judge? How can I look down upon an effort to help individuals based on my very limited and particular observations, not having the whole picture, every ounce of information or every intention calculated?


{The vise-president giving the conference}

hospicio cabañas



I have purposed to not make hasty assumptions or quick judgments over individuals or organizations. For this lesson, I am sincerely very grateful.

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