Photos for DIF 4

Today was a little different than the past days, without much to shoot and having been told that going out to the different centers was postponed, I was asked to cut paper. A big stack of paper. My job was to cut only the top few inches so the piece of paper could fit the new setting of the printer. Left over paper from the past administration, which lasted only three years, is now being recycled. Three years! Such a short amount of time. I felt discouragement, frustration and anger build within me, as I heard about how the directors and top officials are constantly rotating every three years. What can be done in such a brief term? Right when they are getting used to the way things work, to the particular and complex environment in the DIF, and lay hold of the vision, it is time to leave their post. When the new people come in to take their spot, they change much of what was done, as they consider other ways of administrating and operating better, or simply, more profitable to their own goals and expectations.

Selfishness. Pride.

We do live in a fallen world! Everyone possessing their own interest, there are many who only come to receive their pay check not doing much more than showing up and pretending to work hard. But before I am accused of pessimism and utter cynicism. I must reassure you that I do envisage hope in the midst of such entangled and exasperating current governmental dynamics. The DIF has plentiful resources, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of programs for the benefit of the community.


 Now, as I continued to cut white sheets of paper, I began thinking about all the seemingly small and tedious tasks that take place at a government office. Without which, the monumental and multifarious projects could not be reached or accomplished. Maybe this is where the real difference takes place. Maybe it is in these minuscule, every-day activities that if done with care and good character, a true and lasting difference in the long run can be made. So as I lowered the cutter blade 
(now with a content expression across my face), I pondered over all the “small” jobs in my own life, which if done efficiently and with a positive attitude, can and will bring magnificent results.

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