I find myself facing my current chapter of life’s adventure with alarming weakness and surprising frailty. Yet, being so defenseless, His power, mercy and strength never cease to amaze me. My God has shown Himself faithful to His daughter one more time. I was not expecting what He has done in my heart during the past week, He lead me through another funeral.

I’ve had several funerals in my Christian walk. I do desire to obey His command by talking up my cross daily, but every once in a while, a funeral takes place; a moment where I am required by my Master to put something to death. Sounds morbid, but it’s not. It’s natural and necessary. The seed must die to bring forth fruit. And also, God calls us to die to ourselves. So whether what is being put to death is meant to come back to life or not, death is always a part of our miraculous sanctification. It’s a good thing, dare I say, beautiful.

I’ve died and am profoundly grateful.


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