Redeemed Hands


“Your hands are so big!” How many times have you heard that, Al? Dozens of times since you were thirteen years old or so? Once upon a time, they were tiny and very snoopy. Do you remember when you would go around the house collecting objects, to later sell them to us, the real owners? It would make me very mad. Don’t worry, I have forgiven you since : )
When your hands started to get bigger, they were “normal” in size and they were also pretty common in function; stealing, wasting and destroying. Serving you well in the selfish purposes so attractive to our flesh.
Those hands, along with your whole being, once subject to sin as weapons of unrighteousness have been redeemed by the power of the blood of Christ, transforming your into a slave of righteousness and obedience. Sanctification is the fruit of this miracle, eternal life the ultimate goal.  Now your hands are abnormally big and so is your heart. I am so grateful unto God for the wonderful works of love and compassion He chooses to work through you. So excited for what the Lord will continue to accomplish through your hands, tus manotas

Thank you Al, for being willing to surrender yourself wholly to our Master. As your very-close sister, I can testify of the Lord’s greatness and faithfulness in your purposeful life. May He continue to speak and perform in eternally impacting ways in you and through you. My admiration for you is deep and deepening, my awareness of God’s mercy is magnified as I watch you walk in the Narrow Way. Thank you, brother. I l0ve you.

[Click here to go to Al’s blog. He’s such a good writer.]


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