You’ve been chosen

What happens when you cannot see a bright future? All is dark. When you feel like nothing will work out and this is just getting more sad, more difficult, even more impossible…? Despair (such a good short audio)

You could find a friend with whom to have a “pity-party”. You could demand comfort from something or someone. Is that really what you need? In God’s mercy, He provides this too. Jesus gives us the amazing gift of having friends and family. Do you feel like you don’t have a friend? Pick a friend! A godly person with whom to talk and from whom you can receive godly comfort and advice. We, His children, all have someone we can truly call family. And this is beautiful.

But even more beautiful is the fact that you (beloved child of the King) have been chosen by Him to be His friend. He wants you to come and throw your “pity-party” on His shoulder. He desires to comfort and correct you; to teach you and sustain you. Only Jesus knows exactly what you need to hear, how to comfort you. Only He knows. He so knows.


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