Vintage Soul



Vintage soul.
I want to believe I’m cultivating such an attitude. To me, that sounds like being sweet, thoughtful, passionate, gentle and sensible. To have a deep commitment for long-lasting relationships and for ancient proven methods, for unshakable truths. To cling to the marvelous, miraculous ways of old.
May my whole life be dictated, defended and defined by this one old book: the Bible.

Me, this season


So I thought it would be just fair to tell you a bit about myself these days:

  • I am currently studying alternative medicine. I love it. It’s fascinating.
  • My parents got me a greenhouse. A real one. We have so much lettuce, it makes me laugh.
    Goal>Fresh herbs for all kinds of infusions and fresh vegetables!
  • Knitting is still a favorite pastime as I hear someone talk. Can’t knit and talk…not yet.
  • The cello is still a little forgotten in the living room, I hope to spend more time with him this year. His name is Joaquín.
  • In my heart, the orphans are still a huge burden along with the persecuted church around the world.
  • Favorite book right now> Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter
  • Favorite song> To live is Christ.
  • Favorite foods> Celery Jello and Carrot Cake.
  • And of course photography is always a a joy and an adventure.


{photo by my friend Naye}

Someday I will learn to do my hair…hopefully.