Cañon del Cobre, ChihuahuaIMG_0013

“When we kill our desires, we are really saying that we don’t want to trust God in the day to day…it requires vulnerability and trust. Trust that He really can satisfy our deepest longings. Keeping hope alive…can feel like a struggle. But what if the struggle is the whole point?” Source. 

Dead of winter

IMG_0084“…and all our leaves are dry…”

I love Sundays. Today the pastor spoke about the long silence God seemed to keep between the old and new Testament, between Malachi and Matthew. God was at work during that dead silence. God is faithful. He hears prayers even where there is no visible answer. He does not forget. If we truly abide in Him, He will never disappoint us. Never.

“Yet graciously consider the prayer and supplication of Your servant, O Lord my God, to hearken to the [loud] cry and prayer which he prays before You today.” 1 Kings 8:28