Me, this season


So I thought it would be just fair to tell you a bit about myself these days:

  • I am currently studying alternative medicine. I love it. It’s fascinating.
  • My parents got me a greenhouse. A real one. We have so much lettuce, it makes me laugh.
    Goal>Fresh herbs for all kinds of infusions and fresh vegetables!
  • Knitting is still a favorite pastime as I hear someone talk. Can’t knit and talk…not yet.
  • The cello is still a little forgotten in the living room, I hope to spend more time with him this year. His name is Joaquín.
  • In my heart, the orphans are still a huge burden along with the persecuted church around the world.
  • Favorite book right now> Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter
  • Favorite song> To live is Christ.
  • Favorite foods> Celery Jello and Carrot Cake.
  • And of course photography is always a a joy and an adventure.


{photo by my friend Naye}

Someday I will learn to do my hair…hopefully.